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Monday, October 10, 2005

PM19's Grand Day

After seeing all the runners in nothing more than vests, shorts and shoes it was interesting to see the complete transformation of these same runners in Justin's wedding dinner last Saturday. Completely accessorized with ties and jackets, the invited PMs came in full force to support another PM who was getting hitched. Even with the makeover, it was pleasing to note that we runners were the most relaxed lot amongst the other uppity folks - some of whom evidently were putting on quite a show. Nevertheless, there were plenty of eye candy that night - mostly high maintenance types, if you know what I mean. That didn't stop a certain someone who couldn't keep his eyes on his chinese tea. Naturally he prompted got cautioned by Kenneth.
I came with my wife who was dressed in an Indian dress (for a change). The venue and food turned out to be very nice. The PMs for once hydrated (or rather dehydrated) themselves on malted carbs (beer) and fermented red grapes (red wine), while some downed cupfuls of chinese tea.

Cheers went up around our 3 tables when the presentation slides showed some of Justin's running photos, including his famous "terberak" look from the SJ 10K. Besides being the most shutter-happy folks, the PMs were also one of the noisiest in the ballroom. We certainly had fun - it was a fantastic wedding dinner, great photography, good food and good company, a nice change from hammering the miles. My wife and I left just before dessert as we needed to pick up my mom and kid. My hopes or an early night in preps of next morning's 30K were dashed as when we arrived home I found out that an opposite neighbour had his house broken into, so I went over to chat with the residents' association members who had gathered. Some ideas were thrown about and all of us had the same suspects in mind - the victim's raucous and uncouthed neighbour. Everyone's more vigilant and have requested the security to monitor these rascals.

I knocked off only at 1am.


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