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Monday, February 21, 2005

KLIM: Last Long Run

This was supposed to be run in conjunction with the PACM 2nd Practice Run but with a bad cough racking my body, yesterday was the absolute last chance for me - there being only 2 weeks to go to race day.

Yong, Tey, Martin and Uncle Hooi (who will be running the HK Half Marathon next Sunday) started with me at 5:05am. I intended to run at a slower pace, aiming to just complete the targeted 33-35K. Instead I found myself at the front after the 2nd K. I couldn't talk much else each time I would be hacking non-stop. So I focused on keeping my breathing comfortable (I've gotten quite good at this). I thought my pace was much faster but upon reaching the 10K mark, I was actually slower by 2 minutes.
John, Thomas and Adam had already zoomed past me. Thomas aka PM6 has improved so much. We ran our first marathon in Singapore 2 years ago.

Since I was pretty far ahead, I decided to turn back and continued on. Hydrated well throughout and didn't crack open the PowerGel. Though the last 2.3K around the lake were tough, I improved my timing by 1 minute. The training log showed that I negative-splitted yesterday.

It's 2 more weeks and I'm already feeling a little nervous. Time to review the training log and decide on a race pace to stick to. Come race day, I hope that smart pacing and the PowerGels (I've not taken any in training for KLIM) will be sufficient enough to carry me through the wall.

Good takeaways:
- Negative splitted
- No reliance on PowerGels
- Good mindfulness on breathing


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