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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Resistance Runners Go Thru

What Alonso Fook posted in his blog are real. Runners, at least in Malaysia, have it tough. We can expect caustic, sometimes unintended and well-meaning, remarks from uninformed folks about the sport we love so much. It hurts even more when the remarks are delivered by people close to you - the very ones whom you hope will encourage you. 
I've learnt not to take them too seriously. I think I'm knowledgeable enough to know what I'm doing so when such cases arise, I'd just smile and continue what I'm doing. Only runners know why they wake up at unearthly hours to run. Only we know why we have to run when it's pouring out there. Only runners know why they run twice a day.     
With these resistance towards the sport, is it any wonder how it fails to thrive here in this country. We don't have to look far, only to Singapore where the conducive infra allows one to bike or run to work. Where running at lunch time will not be frowned upon and where the Singapore Marathon this year attracts a record 30,000 runners.

Runners are generally a tough lot. To those newbies who face such remarks, just think of each statement as a pick-me-upper, say an energy booster tablet (or JP-8 fuel). Each time time you find yourself in rough waters be it in training or races, just imagine popping one to sustain your effort.


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