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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gear Review: Nike+ SportBand

Confession: I'm having an affair. But don't tear your hair out! The fling - a second one at that - is with the Nike+ training tool. My first exposure to it was the Nike+ iPod combo [read the review here] where your iPod nano work together with the shoe sensor to provide you feedback while you workout. Key information like distance and pace are read (by customizable male or female voice) to you during your run accompanied by pumping tunes. Together, this virtual coach provide a mean motivational. Runners who run to music but aren't iPod users were left high and dry, nevertheless. To make sure that these non-iPod users are not alienated, Nike Sales Malaysia will be bringing in the Nike+ SportBand very soon. So fitness enthusiasts who don't want to purchase the iPod will soon be able to hop on the Nike+ platform.

Enter the SportBand
Thanks to Nike Sales Malaysia, I laid my hands on the hip looking SportBand in June. The packaging is compact. In the sturdy plastic case are the SportBand, a sensor and a pictorial and sparse user guide. It's very easy to set up, thus doing away with the need for a voluminous manual. Non-geeks will not complain on the usability.

Download and read the
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