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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The 2nd Pheddipidations WWHM Challenge

I was quite unfit going into this run. The intention was to do a 30K and take the first 21K as the WWHM timing. Geraldine, Lai, Kenny and I started off around 5:45am. Kenny and Lai are both in training for the Singapore Marathon. The others started later with Ronnie at 6:30am. Things got tougher for me after the 17K mark and I made the 21K point barely. Things started to go downhill after that. I walked on 3-4 occasions - basically I was more out of breath than anything to do with the legs. Indications of poor aerobic conditioning. I shouldn't have been so harsh on myself as this 28K (didn't make it to 30K!) is a sudden bump out of nowhere in my just restarted training program. As I'm typing this belated report, I'm already 30% back on my fitness. It'll come, it'll come.

It's only right that I record my heartfelt thanks to the WWHM race directors, John Ellis, Mal James, Terry Higgins, Ben Deutschle and Steve Walker (who nailed his marathon PR last weekend - woo hooo!), for doing such a great job with the site and organizing all the race logistics. The number of registrants says it all. It's the first global race I know of which takes place simultaneously (almost!), that has it's own bib, podcast, goodie bag and best of all FREE! We runners come together last weekend and proved to the world besetted by war, corruption, selfishness that when it comes down to coming together for something, runners just do it! No hidden agendas, no greed. Fellow runners, I bow to all of you! Run long and strong!

With Ronnie Der_Pacemaker (bib 0210)
With Geraldine



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