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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Back On Track

I've been slowly getting back into the establishing some semblence of training program and the past 2 weeks have been quite taxing. Physically tough, coaxing myself to wake up early only to put it through the grind of long runs. It's been mentally draining as well - but I'll save that for another post. The first 2 weeks have seen me log 46K each week. I reckon this week will be the same as well with the Kuantan TC 10K race on Sunday. Nov 24th will see me return to Penang for my 2nd 12-Hour Walk. Hopefully I'll be able to cover more than 36K. There won't be any racing for me in December which will allow me to get into some serious work for the Jan 20th Great Eastern Pacesetters 30K. After that will probably be a 10K and a Half Marathon as tune-ups for the March KL Marathon (still unannounced).

I've been training more in the Axiom 2s lately and though I still prefer a stable-cushioned trainer, like the 2120 or Kayano, I will continue to run half of my sessions in these lightweight trainers. The Forsters will remain my racing shoes, while the Supernova Cushion and 2120 will be rotated to supplement the Axioms. I plan to break in the Nike Zoom Elite 3 in time for the GE 30K as well the KL Marathon. Which reminds me that my review of the Axioms and the Supernova Cushion are long outstanding. Looks like I will be quite engaged in training huh?



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