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Monday, September 25, 2006

Everyone's In The Thick Of Action

Almost all of my running buddies are training hard for the major year-ending races and there are no shortages. All you need is to take a look at the events calendar in RunnersMalaysia. If you're the speedster, there's the SJ 10K. For the adventurous, there's the KRI 12K which is run over various terrains. Then there's the road Bidor 21K, a well-organized small event and a week before the mega Singapore Marathon is the Penang 12-Hour International Walk. All these are cramped in November and 1st week of December.
It's a bit awkward for me this time around and I admit feeling a little out of place because this has been traditionally one of the most hectic period in my training program. Except things are a little different. It's as if I'm now on the outside looking in. Like I've passed away and floating outside the realm of the living and surveying the goings-on of my running friends and the friendly rivalry that's building up. Oh, he's doing his long run today...Hey, you're running too fast for a long run...I see his training is coming along nicely.. Trust me, it's a surreal feeling.
I remember that at this time last year, I'd be a few weeks into my base refresher period. I'd be running 5 days a week with the obligatory Sunday long runs capping off the weekday 6-8Ks and the Wednesday 13 to 15K. I'd be hovering on a weekly mileage of 50K and doing a few tempos to stave off the boredom. There'll be no problems with the rainy season as I'd have put my rain jacket and cap to good use and I'd feel my leg muscles tightened from all the workouts. There'll also be the occassional pockets of "laziness" but these are easily overcome.
This time around, I'm not besetted by guilt of missing my runs, nor insanely early morning drives to the Lake Gardens on Sundays. I
And to those wondering what in the world am I up to, well, I'm doing some stuff now to look after my 2Ls (Lungs and Legs) - you know what they say about jogging...


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