p pol The Adventures of Carboman: Perfect Antidote to Boredom (Men's Olympic Marathon)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Perfect Antidote to Boredom (Men's Olympic Marathon)

Waited and waited for Olympics Men Marathon to come on over RTM1 and 2 but instead were subjected to intense boredom of watching the Sports Minister chatting to the perennial inept case of a reporter on RTM1 and the repeated-to-death Sarjan Hassan on RTM2. Thankfully, the race finally came on just approaching the 30K mark. My father-in-law, whose physic resembles more of a super heavyweight weightlifter displayed extraordinary knowledge of the marathon and pace per km of the elites, which coupled with the race drama, caused my jaw to remain at a dropped position.

To do list: Wring the necks of the RTM program managers, obviously non-runners.


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