p pol The Adventures of Carboman: What's a Super Hero without his shades?

Monday, August 16, 2004

What's a Super Hero without his shades?

Woo Hoo! Finally collected my new replacement Oakleys - paid just RM60 for it! What's a super hero without his shades? If it's less than a year old, I wouldn't have needed to pay anything. It's also a Zero but a different lens shape. Over the last couple of days, wearing another pair of shades just wouldn't cut it. Optical refractions, tint colour, fitting - they're just not there. And Oakley's support is tremendous.

If you missed the action, the Carbo Man committed a major boo-boo. Yup, I sat on my shades, breaking it into half. Proof that super heroes also make mistakes.


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